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P - Three-Phase Pump Protection Relay, without Level Sensors


Underload protection by undercurrent.



The great advantage of the P Relay is that, without requiring any external detectors such as level electrodes, it monitors the load of the motor and stops it before an expensive breakdown occurs. Ex. when a water well is dry, the relay stops the motor by undercurrent without the need of a level sensor.


  • Suitable where the undercurrent (running without load) is critical.
  • Does not require level sensors to detect dry running.
  • For three phase motors from 1 to 630 A and over*.
  • Cable feed through.
  • Precise motor heating and memory, reproduces its thermal image.
  • Visual indication of tripping cause.
  • Manual, remote and automatic reset.


  • Some typical applications in Residential, industrial, and agricultural installations as follow:
  • Submersible pumps: water supply, irrigation, well dewatering, petrol stations…
  • Surface pumps: sewage treatment plants, swimming pools, pressure sets, fire-fighting equipment, ...
  • Other applications where it is critical to avoid operation at no load: belt drives, ventilators, conveyor belts…

Protection functions

  • Overload.
  • Undercurrent.
  • Phase imbalance or phase loss.
  • Phase sequence.

External Display Module (OD-P)

This optional display module is to be mounted externally, on the panel door or a draw-out unit in a motor control centre (MCC).

  • LEDs indicate cause of the trip cause.
  • Reset push button (Ø22 mm, 7/8”).
  • Easy to install.
  • Connects to the relay by the module’s flat cable (2 m , 6.5 ft).
  • Suitable for motor control centres (MCC) and panel boards.
  • Weight: 0.05 kg / 2 oz.
  • Protection degree: IP50.

* Fanox offers a wide selection of current transformers for higher current levels.

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P - Three-Phase Pump Protection Relay, without Level Sensors

P - Three-Phase Pump Protection Relay, without Level Sensors

Underload protection by undercurrent.

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