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PowerScout 12 HD Multi-Circuit Power Submeter



Maximum Flexibility for Monitoring

The PowerScout 12 HD is a versatile, multi-channel instrument. The flexible design allows it to be configured for monitoring multiple electrical circuits simultaneously. It can be supplied with any of DENT's split-core, solid-core, or RoCoil (Rogowski) CTs. Monitor any combination of up to 4 three-phase or 12 single-phase electrical devices with a single PowerScout 12 HD. With data updates every 1 second and ANSI C12.20-2010 Class 0.2 revenue grade accuracy (depending on CT), the PowerScout 12 HD is well-suited for data center monitoring, tenant submetering, and for accountability metering in commercial, retail, and industrial facilities.

Easy Installation

Every PowerScout is line powered and designed to operate on a broad range of voltages, from 90-600VAC. Modbus or BACnet protocols are field-selectable and any combination of split-core or flexible RōCoil CTs can be used. Configure the meter using the ViewPoint HD software utility and a direct USB connection prior to installation. Eliminate expensive trips back into the field: patented* PhaseChek™ Technology ensures proper CT-to-phase installation the first time (available on instruments equipped with a display).

If ordered with an enclosure, 1-inch EMT conduit connects easily to the enclosure housing - no drilling required.

Minimum Part Numbers, Maximum Features

Keep it simple: Don't fight with a long list of SKUs only to realize an important feature is missing. All PowerScout HD Series Meters are equipped with smart, standard features like the flexibility to switch Modbus® or BACnet® or the ability to use any millivolt CT, including Rogowski coils, on any channel.  When installed, the platform agnostic PowerScout HD Series meter easily integrates within connected products of any building management system (BMS) software, models equipped with BACnet® and Modbus® protocols and can be easily utilized with any system.

The PowerScout HD Series meters are not meant to be standalone energy recorders. They are designed to connect as a slave device to a data logger, Remote Terminal Unit (RTU), or building management host network.

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PowerScout 12 HD Multi-Circuit Power Submeter

PowerScout 12 HD Multi-Circuit Power Submeter

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