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Eniscope - Real-time Energy Management System


Eniscope - A Complete System: Energy metering, single-phase and 3- phase.



The Eniscope system starts with Advanced Metering to accurately capture your critical energy data... whether at building, department, circuit or equipment level. This information is collected in real-time and delivered locally and over the web via a stunning range of real-time energy displays. Live energy consumption disaggregated into its key components empowers you to cut your costs and reduce your carbon footprint.

Three versions available: 1, 4 or 8 channels – Each channel monitors one 3-phase circuit or three single-phase circuits. Eniscope is scalable, so you add more meters or new Eniscope compatible devices at your convenience.

A Real-time Dashboard shows you: the amount of power drawn, cost of the energy used, equivalent CO emissions, voltage, and power factor. This dashboard can be accessed ant time from the local area network where the Eniscope is connected.

Renewable Energy Users may use Eniscope’s Renewable Display, instead of the Real-Time Dashboard, to view power production from solar energy, imported energy from the grid, power demand… all in real-time. 

With every new Eniscope you purchase from us, we offer one-year subscription of its powerful, yet easy to use, Software-as-a-Service* (SaaS). Access the web-based apps from any location using any browser:

  • Analytics: Stores the energy data for every facility, which can be viewed, analyzed, or downloaded for any time-frame. This tool offers visibility to all the circuits and allows to compare each one to past performance; or compare them to similar ones. It helps identify energy waste, peak demand times, abnormally high energy consumption, or any other trend of interest. Alerts can be set for every measured or calculated parameter.
  • Custom Reports: Reports can be tailored to the needs of different users and delivered automatically via email. These reports may show charts, trends, comparisons, events.
  • Mobile App: Empowers the user to take control of energy use.
  • Public Energy Display: A web-based energy display that can be configured to promote sustainability efforts and results from user's efforts. Also, companies can use it to drive internal engagement in energy saving practices or. This demo (click here) serves as example of how this Public Display can be configured.

Eniscope measures current (Amp) and voltage (VAC), and calculates energy used (kW-h, kVAR-h, kVA-h, Btu), power demand (kW, kVAR, kVA), cost of energy used ($) based on your utility rates, and equivalent CO emissions (lb, kg).

Eniscope uses standard 0.333 V current transformers (CTs) to measure current drawn. We offer wide range of CTs to match the Amp ratings of different circuits, from 20 Amp through 3,000 Amp. CTs are sold separately.

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Eniscope - Real-time Energy Management System

Eniscope - Real-time Energy Management System

Eniscope - A Complete System: Energy metering, single-phase and 3- phase.

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