Refrigeration Contractors

Refrigeration Contractors

We partner with qualified Refrigeration Contractors to offer and install our portfolio of energy saving solutions for residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional clients. Each of these solutions leads to significant business opportunities for your company.

Our portfolio includes devices (Eniscope) that measure and analyze electricity usage in separate circuits of a building. This way, we can uncover opportunities to cut energy waste and advise the client where are the areas to be addressed first in order to realize most immediate savings in their electricity bill.

As you well know, refrigeration units represent a significant share of the electricity bill. Now you can prove it and you can also prove the energy savings once you performed any modifications to reduce energy consumption.

Not always clients are ready to replace costly refrigeration units. We provide you with supplemental products at discounted prices to lower electrical consumption in:

  • electric motors powering pumps, compressors, crushers, grinders, escalators, conveyors (iMEC)
  • split air conditioning systems (ACES)
  • refrigeration units (CUES)
  • general lighting (LESS)

Our sales and marketing staff are constantly undertaking campaigns to make potential clients aware of the immense possibilities to lower their energy spending with our products and services. These campaigns generate installation work that we sub-contract or pass on to our partner contractors. Upon joining us, we will provide your personnel with training to promote these solutions which would increase your business opportunities and we will also offer support for the correct installation of our products.

We want our clients to be completely satisfied with our energy saving solutions and with the money they save, so they will continue buying our products and services.

This is just the beginning... Join us to start delivering Smart Energy Savings to our clients!