Energy Monitoring and Energy Saving Technology


The BEST brand includes a group of products that, combined, can help you achieve your goals of controlling, reducing and eliminating energy waste. 

Any forward thinking company that wishes to take a responsible attitude toward energy consumption and the environment - and save a fortune in the process - can benefit from their unique, holistic approach to energy conservation.



Eniscope - Real-time Energy Management System

Eniscope - A Complete System

The hardware element of an Eniscope System starts with Advanced Metering to accurately capture your critical energy data... whether at building, department, circuit or equipment level. This information is collected in real-time by the Data Gathering component of the system and delivered locally and over the web via a stunning range of real-time energy displays. Our results testify that see in your live energy consumption disaggregated into its key components empowers you to cut your costs and reduce your carbon footprint.


Among this energy management system advantages are:

• Accurate - Class 0.2 metering can monitor up to 8 three-phase channels per unit

• Central - Control Monitor Electricity, Gas* & Water*... Everything you need in one convenient location

• Web-based - No software required. Use any web-browser from any location

• Scalable - Add more meters or new Eniscope compatible devices at your convenience

• Plug & Play - Simple installation supported by free remote upgrades


*Eniscope reads, records and displays information from any connected pulse meters


Real-time Monitoring

Eniscope Real-time does what a utility bill can’t… it shows you exactly where your energy is going, second by second. Make a change and it will reveal the immediate effect... for better or for worse.

The information is displayed in a language you will understand, be it kW’s, Cost or Carbon. Now you can monitor individual pieces of equipment, isolate energy leaks, expose energy abusers and even check the effectiveness of energy saving products... all in real-time.



• Faster Genuine real-time performance delivers real-time savings

• Alerts Email & SMS* alerts prevent excessive use and supply penalties

• Verification Use it to check the claims of energy saving products & equipment

• Power Trend Real-time graphing reveals your pattern of consumption

• Mobile Check your performance on the move with our smartphone app


Energy Analytics

Eniscope Analytics is a web-based, energy diagnostics tool that gives you rich insights into your ‘historical’ energy consumption and the health of your power supply. Intelligent, flexible & easy to use… making energy information highly accessible and simple to understand. Using your favorite web browser you can do a detailed energy analysis on any equipment, in any  building, in any country, at any time... and all from the comfort of your PC or mobile device.



• Compare See numerous meters on the same performance chart

• Itemize View consumption by building, department, circuit or machine

• Plan Cost tracking in any currency with spending forecasts

• Prevention Monitor power quality to avoid maintenance & safety issues

• Reports Daily email reports show improvements and expose weaknesses









For organizations that have made the decision to invest in load-side energy saving products in the hope of reducing their power demand, and consequently their bill… Eniscope Real-time and Analytics become your indispensable allies for proving savings.

This is also an invaluable solution for all ethical companies in the Energy Saving Business who wish to demonstrate the efficacy of their products and solutions in a totally open and honest way for their clients. Quite simply you can measure, side-by-side, the positive effects (or not as the case may be) of any specified product and ‘test’ with laser-like precision its efficacy on any specific application… and then see, unequivocally, the exact ROI or ‘payback’ you can expect.

Eniscope completely removes the risk of investing in solutions that may sound good, but don’t ‘cut the mustard’. Thanks to Eniscope you can invest with the confidence of knowing you are making the right decision, because you will have accurate, unbiased, analytical information at your fingertips to prove it!

Eniscope can also power a range of stunning Real-time Energy Displays. Displays can be strategically positioned around the building to create awareness among the occupants as to how energy is being both generated (in the case of renewable energy) and used. As an example, Eniscope currently monitors and displays information from the largest roof top solar panel array in Europe.

Our Eniscope energy management systems benefits include:

  1. Easily Identify Saving Opportunities of up to 40%
  2. Expose Energy Abusing Equipment
  3. Eliminate Out of Hours Waste
  4. Prove the Efficacy and ROI of Energy Saving Products and Solutions
  5. Engage Users and Improve Efficiencies with Real-time Energy Displays
  6. Help to Target Continual Reductions With Historical Analysis Tools 

Eniscope Hardware:

The hardware at the heart of the brilliant Eniscope solution is designed, manufactured and distributed exclusively by BEST. Available in a number of convenient configurations the total Eniscope solution comprises of a bespoke communications ‘hub’ coupled to a number of highly accurate better than Class One Metering points. Our out-of-the-box approach to Energy Management means you just open up your favourite web-browser and you can instantly navigate to any number of meters in your building. With a tolerance of plus or minus one digit the Eniscope is more accurate than the standard grade revenue meters supplied by the utility companies. This means it can be used to check the accuracy of all your existing meters. Our all-new, ground-breaking Eniscope has a number of bespoke features, which combine together to create the most powerful and sophisticated energy management hardware on the world market. 

The flagship of the Eniscope range is the stunning new Eniscope Hybrid. An installation of a single 8 channel Eniscope Hybrid can ultimately provide:

  • Integral communications hub and web server
  • Up to 8 individual 3-phase or 
  • 24 single phase electricity metering points via 0.333mv CT’s
  • Ethernet connectivity
  • Remote or localised set up via PC or MAC
  • Compact footprint measuring only 200mm x 200mm x60mm
  • Easy installation with simple plug-in connectors
  • * WIFI enabled communication
  • * 3G enabled communication
  • Up to 8 additional pulse inputs (e.g. gas, water, oil etc.)
  • * Modbus capability for multiple single phase metering points
  • * Daisy-chain communication with 32 CUES or ACES Hybrid

* In Development

Eniscope Hybrid – Unique Hardware

The Eniscope Hybrid solution is unique for a number of reasons:-

First: Because it has its own on-board meters, powerful internal computer and web-server. This means information can be stored, collated and then exported to the World Wide Web with the utmost convenience, at which point it can be accessed securely from anywhere in the world on a PC, laptop or hand-held device. 

Second: It is a complete plug-and-play solution that can be installed by any competent electrician using safe, low cost 333mV CT’s, and be up and running in a few hours! Furthermore because it is web-enabled it can be upgraded with any software enhancements remotely.

Third: Unlike the so-called ‘smart’ meters, our Eniscope Meters are gathering information and exporting data in REAL, real-time… literally as it happens. It is also measuring ALL the important parameters. Unlike lesser systems… we do not ‘assume’ or ‘guess’ important parameters like voltage… we measure everything with pinpoint accuracy.

Fourth: It’s very flexible... You can start your energy management programme with just one single metering point on either the whole supply – or one area of the building – or even one critical piece of equipment. Thereafter, as you begin to appreciate the benefits of having everything totally transparent you can add sub-metering points as you like and they can be easily integrated together and viewed simultaneously via our Analytics Software.

Next Generation

We are now completing the software drivers to enable:

  • Provision of 3G and WIFI enabled communication.
  • Up to 8 additional pulse inputs to be separately monitored (e.g. gas, water, oil etc.)
  • Provision of Modbus one wire capability to enable up to a further 32 single phase metering points via simple daisy-chain communication with any combination of CUES or ACES Hybrid.

This means that the Eniscope Hybrid has been designed to work in conjunction with, and communicate directly with any number of other BEST load-side products such as ACES, our patented Air Conditioning Energy Saver and CUES, our patented Chilled Unit Energy Saver. When released these products will have on-board single phase metering capability designed to gather a wealth of additional information on the performance of individual appliances, including energy consumption and operating temperatures leading to pre-emptive maintenance alerts.




Product family: 

iMEC - Intelligent Motor Energy Controller

Electric motors and the systems they drive are the single largest consumer of electricity worldwide, accounting for more than 40% of global electricity consumption.

Motors are widely used in both commercial and industrial manufacturing processes, where they can account for up to 54% of total electricity use.

BEST’s Intelligent Motor Controllers (iMEC), are used to reduce the energy consumption of motors in commercial applications across the globe, often improving equipment performance and reliability at the same time.

The iMEC range of products includes controllers for single-phase and three-phase applications.

BEST’s Single-phase Intelligent Motor Energy Controller (iMEC) ensures motor efficiency by reading a form of feedback on the power supply as demand changes at the motor shaft, in  effect turning the motor into its own load sensor.

Using this feedback iMEC electronically ‘sizes’ a motor to both its application and load cycle every fraction of a second, ensuring it draws just the right amount of power required at any instant in time. It also enables the motor to run as a much more resistive load improving power factor quality.

Starting the motor is made smoother through a process of controlled acceleration, minimizing wear and tear and helping prevent maximum demand charges often associated with starting loaded motors.


iMEC will constantly monitor the ‘load’ on the motor every 100th of a second and ensure the motor has only the exact amount of power it requires at any instant in time to do the required job of work. iMEC will also enable the motor to run as a much more ‘resistive’ load thereby further improving power factor quality. Initial starting of the motor is made much smoother thanks to the introduction of controlled acceleration. Power is ramped up gradually at each starting cycle, which minimizes wear and tear in addition to reducing maximum demand charges often associated with starting loaded motors. In effect iMEC electronically ‘sizes’ the motor to both its application and load cycle every fraction of a second, ensuring the motor uses just the right amount of power it needs to at any instant in time – no more – no less!


The iMEC range of Intelligent Motor Controllers will:

  • Save up to 40% in energy costs
  • Reduce peak demand charges
  • Improve power factor
  • Reduce heat, noise and vibration
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Extend equipment life

BEST manufacture a range of iMEC solutions for single-phase applications up to 20AMP. A full range of proprietary 3-Phase applications is also on hand with special orders available ranging from 3-1000 kW.




Product family: 

LESS - Lighting Energy Saver System

BEST’s Light Energy Saver System (LESS) is a range of lighting controls used across the globe to reduce energy consumption within commercial and institutional environments. The LESS range includes intelligent photocells, occupancy sensors and daylight harvesting sensors. In the right applications, savings of up to 50% are possible.


The BEST LESS range introduces intelligence into your existing lighting system. State of the art occupancy detection ensures that lights are turned off when they are not needed. Daylight Harvesting sensors can switch off your lighting upon the detection of sufficient natural light and also respond dynamically to the changes in that light by intelligently adjusting light intensity to maintain perfect lighting levels.








Consider for a moment what businesses you know that use lighting?.... Maybe we should change that question and ask, what businesses do you know that do not use lighting? Im sure the answer is NONE! For how would you run your business without lighting?

We have come a long way since the first development in electric lighting by Sir Humphrey Davy in 1801, but despite huge scientific advancements, we still rely on artificial lighting which we continue to pay for even when it is not required. Do you realise that the incandescent light bulb used by millions upon millions of people around the globe are actually only 10% efficient, which means that 90% of the electricity used is wasted. But how can you waste electricity? Physics law states that you cannot destroy energy, you can only change its form. In the case of lighting this wasted inefficiency is transferred into HEAT, resulting in your air-conditioning units working harder and longer all because of inefficient wasteful lighting. Consider these startling facts about lighting Lighting consumes 19% of the worlds electricity generation. Emissions measured in CO2 from lighting is equivalent to 70% of global emissions from passenger vehicles. In many commercial buildings lighting accounts for 40% or more of their electricity costs. Lighting produces three times more emissions than from aviation. Consider this... when the sun is shining and lighting your office, or you walk out of the room, do you make a conscious effort to reduce your energy costs and switch off the lights? Or are you like the majority, and are just too busy.

LESS provides the solution we all need, by reducing CO2 emissions, reducing your costs, at the same time and arguably the most important factor, by maintaining and improving comfort levels. We can do all of this by adding intelligence to your existing lighting solutions. Adding intelligence to meet the lighting output required for any given scenario. This works by dynamically working with software algorithms, adjusting the florescent light fitting either in a group or individually to put only the required lighting lux/lummen level required, and then when a preset level is reached we will automatically switch the lights off, saving 100% of the costs. So as you enter through your office door at dawn your lights will automatically switch on to full brightness but as natural sun light emits through the windows, we are able to automatically, gradually dim the light fittings to maximise any natural sunlight while still maintaining a constant, perfect, working light level (lux/lumen). During the day, clouds will pass over the sun reducing the natural sunlight emitting into the room, at this point the lights will adjust their brightness accordingly. All of this will happen without you even noticing but typically saving you 35% across your lighting costs by adding intelligence. A simple and effective solution. Now ask yourself, who do I know that could benefit in reduced lighting costs? Everyone! LESS is the solution.




Product family: 

CUES - Chilled Unit Energy Saver



CUES is a simple retrofit device that contains a high-tech food simulant with the same thermal characteristics (thermal conductivity and thermal mass) as typical food products.

CUES is placed directly over the existing thermostats (thermistors or probes) within the refrigeration system, ensuring that the refrigerator reacts to changes in food temperature, not air. This results in a more efficient refrigeration cycle, where the individual compressor cycle lasts longer but frequency is reduced by up to 80%. This results in energy savings of up to 33% without any compromise to food safety and quality.

CUES Standard will suit most settings; however, CUES Compact is available for applications where space is at a premium.


Benefits of the Chilled Unit Energy Saver:

  • Savings of up to 33% Resulting in Swift Paybacks
  • Simple Installation with Zero Maintenance
  • Increases Equipment Lifespan, Reduces Breakdowns
  • Reduces Carbon Emissions
  • No Compromise to Food Quality and Safety - NSF Approved














Product family: 

ACES - Air Conditioning Energy Saver

BEST’s Air Conditioning Energy Savers (ACES) are used to reduce the energy consumption of commercial air conditioning systems across the globe, improving comfort levels, equipment performance and reliability at the same time.

ACES ensures that your existing air conditioning system performs at its most efficient by directly addressing the issue of thermodynamic saturation. Through advanced temperature sensing and control algorithms ACES identifies the exact point at which thermodynamic saturation is reached and switches the compressor off.

The ACES range of Air Conditioning Energy Savers will:

  • Save up to 35% in energy costs
  • Provide more effective comfort cooling
  • Reduce heat, noise and vibration within the compressor
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Extend equipment life







Product family: 

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