Electric Power Monitors, Energy Saving, and Usage Forecast


The Kill A Watt® portfolio of products for use at home and at work, makes you aware of the cost of the electricity that your appliances and electronics consume. Because “You can’t control what you can’t see”, your utilities bill keep growing indefinitely. You can totally take control of the electricity you spend by monitoring the energy your household devices consume.

With Kill-A-Watt®, you can find out which devices you commonly use are consuming the most power,  allowing you to take action, like decide what appliances really need to stay turned on, plugged in, or get replaced. You may save hundreds and maybe thousands of dollars per year.


Save A Watt® TV Standby Killer

Save A Watt TV Standby Killer

Stop energy hogging TVs which continue to draw electricity even in “off mode”. Now you can really turn off your TV with the TV Standby Killer.

Use it in conjunction with your existing remote to make sure that when the power button is pushed to off it is really off and not in power sucking standby mode. Sound systems and video game consoles on standby also viciously chomp on your wallet, so let the TVSBK fight FOR you. Installation and usage are simple. Now you can rest easy knowing that you’re saving money and creating a safer living environment since a device left in standby mode is more likely to contribute to shock or fire hazard.

Take charge of your entertainment system. Say goodbye to standby and hello to savings.

• Turn standby mode into REAL off mode

• Eliminates standby power completely

• Easy to install

• Works with your existing remote

Price: $17.96


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