Power Monitoring at Industrial Facilities

There is a variety of strong reasons why people want to monitor the power that is used within industrial facilities. Following are just a few of them:
1. Manage energy consumption to minimize spending.
• Monitoring energy consumption in different areas of the facility, the user will understand consumption patterns, and modify those that lead to wasted energy.
• Assess the efficiency of process areas or identify equipment that should be replaced with more efficient ones.
• Avoid penalties for low power factor, or reactive energy.
• Monitor power demand to control or prevent charges that could have been avoided.
• Monitor and track your water and gas consumption through its eight pulse inputs.
2. Monitor quality power lines condition. It is beneficial to avoid costly damages to plant equipment and resulting downtime when failures occur.
• Monitoring the quality of the energy as it enters the plant helps you address issues that will affect every piece of equipment in the facility; i.e. excessive voltage fluctuations, low voltage conditions, low power factor, etc.
• Also, monitoring the power that feeds specific plant equipment will help you prevent equipment failures, troubleshoot problems, etc. and by doing so, lower your operating costs, facilitate maintenance activities, and improve the overall reliability and availability of the industry. Monitoring electrical parameters in each phase of the circuits, helps maintenance personnel to prevent dangerous failures due to overload or uneven load balance at certain electrical circuits.
3. Showcase achievements made towards environmental (CSR) goals. Positive actions that companies take to make this a better world matter authorities and clients.
• Promote the carbon footprint reductions that result from your company's energy saving measures. Tell the world what your kW-h reductions equate to; i.e. number of cars off the street, saved trees, saved jobs, etc.
BEST Eniscope and its Public Display allow you to do all of the above and much more!