LESS - Lighting Energy Saver System

BEST’s Light Energy Saver System (LESS) is a range of lighting controls used across the globe to reduce energy consumption within commercial and institutional environments. The LESS range includes intelligent photocells, occupancy sensors and daylight harvesting sensors. In the right applications, savings of up to 50% are possible.


The BEST LESS range introduces intelligence into your existing lighting system. State of the art occupancy detection ensures that lights are turned off when they are not needed. Daylight Harvesting sensors can switch off your lighting upon the detection of sufficient natural light and also respond dynamically to the changes in that light by intelligently adjusting light intensity to maintain perfect lighting levels.








Consider for a moment what businesses you know that use lighting?.... Maybe we should change that question and ask, what businesses do you know that do not use lighting? Im sure the answer is NONE! For how would you run your business without lighting?

We have come a long way since the first development in electric lighting by Sir Humphrey Davy in 1801, but despite huge scientific advancements, we still rely on artificial lighting which we continue to pay for even when it is not required. Do you realise that the incandescent light bulb used by millions upon millions of people around the globe are actually only 10% efficient, which means that 90% of the electricity used is wasted. But how can you waste electricity? Physics law states that you cannot destroy energy, you can only change its form. In the case of lighting this wasted inefficiency is transferred into HEAT, resulting in your air-conditioning units working harder and longer all because of inefficient wasteful lighting. Consider these startling facts about lighting Lighting consumes 19% of the worlds electricity generation. Emissions measured in CO2 from lighting is equivalent to 70% of global emissions from passenger vehicles. In many commercial buildings lighting accounts for 40% or more of their electricity costs. Lighting produces three times more emissions than from aviation. Consider this... when the sun is shining and lighting your office, or you walk out of the room, do you make a conscious effort to reduce your energy costs and switch off the lights? Or are you like the majority, and are just too busy.

LESS provides the solution we all need, by reducing CO2 emissions, reducing your costs, at the same time and arguably the most important factor, by maintaining and improving comfort levels. We can do all of this by adding intelligence to your existing lighting solutions. Adding intelligence to meet the lighting output required for any given scenario. This works by dynamically working with software algorithms, adjusting the florescent light fitting either in a group or individually to put only the required lighting lux/lummen level required, and then when a preset level is reached we will automatically switch the lights off, saving 100% of the costs. So as you enter through your office door at dawn your lights will automatically switch on to full brightness but as natural sun light emits through the windows, we are able to automatically, gradually dim the light fittings to maximise any natural sunlight while still maintaining a constant, perfect, working light level (lux/lumen). During the day, clouds will pass over the sun reducing the natural sunlight emitting into the room, at this point the lights will adjust their brightness accordingly. All of this will happen without you even noticing but typically saving you 35% across your lighting costs by adding intelligence. A simple and effective solution. Now ask yourself, who do I know that could benefit in reduced lighting costs? Everyone! LESS is the solution.




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