Kill A Watt® CO2 Wireless Accessory Sensor

Kill A Watt CO2 Wireless Sensor photo
Requires P4225 Kill A Watt® CO2 Wireless Display (sold separately.)
Unleash the power of your Kill A Watt® CO2 Wireless with this Accessory Sensor. Adding additional sensors to your network lets you monitor multiple appliances at the same time. You can use up to eight sensors simultaneously! Applications include; comparing the efficiency of multiple devices, monitoring power consumption in different rooms, and individually measuring the components of your home theater or workshop.

Using multiple sensors lets you conveniently measure and monitor from a central location. No need to plug and unplug your appliances. The Kill A Watt CO2 Wireless display will show you the consumption from individual sensors as well as a cumulative measurement. Conduct your own energy audit and determine your carbon footprint.

Knowledge is power – adding sensors to your Kill A Watt system increases your awareness and understanding of your impact on our planet.

• Wireless Range of up to 300 feet
• Accurately measures eight critical units of measurement
• Select display of individual or cumulative cost



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Price: $26.40



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