Engineers and Consultants

Image of engineering objects on workplace with three partners interacting on background - stock photoMost people agree that saving energy should be everyone’s goal. There are plenty of products in the market that claim to save energy and money to their users. However, on the road to reaching this goal, people have to face several concerns that you are likely familiar with:

  • How certain can you be that those products will deliver the savings they claim?
  • Will those savings justify the cost of those products plus their installation?... how long will it take to recover the investment?
  • An important one, often overseen, is… which product will address the greatest energy waste in the facility? In other words, which product (investment) will have the biggest impact in the energy spending?

Our company’s goal is to provide Smart Energy Saving Solutions that address those three concerns. Our products will help you, as a professional consultant, earn the credibility of your clients as you will be able to show them which loads are the main contributors to their energy bill. Or how much money a particular equipment costs your client in electricity every day, month, or year and by How many pounds or tons (their CO2 emissions will be reduced) of CO2 will they save once they apply your recommendations.

Energy Care Technologies Corp. does not offer all the products to save energy in every application, but surely we provide products like Eniscope and Kill A Watt® that address the three concerns above. We offer them to you, at discounted prices, so you may re-sale them for permanent installation at your client’ site or use them as a mobile metering/analysis tool in multiple installations.

There are plenty of consultants out there promising huge energy savings, but you know they only have one thing in mind: sell a particular product; whether it is LED lighting retrofits, high efficiency A/C systems, or solar panels. Our measuring/analysis products will set you apart from that crowd.

Our sales and marketing staff are undertaking campaigns to make potential clients aware of the immense possibilities to lower their energy spending with our products and services. These campaigns generate consulting work that we perform or pass on to our partner consultants. Upon joining us, we will provide you training to promote our energy saving solutions that bring incremental business to you, support you during the design and installation of our products, and support the end-user for the proper use of our products.

We want our clients to be completely satisfied with our energy saving solutions and with the money they save, they will continue buying our products and services. For this reason, we are committed to work with you and ensure the end-user is satisfied and we will continue doing business successfully.

This is just the beginning... Join us to start delivering Smart Energy Savings to our clients!