Energy Saving Opportunities at Home

Saving energy at homeEvery time you lower your electricity bills, you put money back in your bank account. Lowering energy bills also mean less energy consumed, and less CO2 emissions released into our environment. Since we use electricity in every room of our homes, there are opportunities to save everywhere. Now, what makes it even a better deal is that you don’t have to overhaul your home to make it energy efficient. There are many easy, cost-effective things that you can do to save energy at home. The first step is to locate where the energy is wasted, so we can reduce the waste and save up to 40% off the electric bill.

Let’s take a walk through a regular home and find the waste… and smart energy saving opportunities!





  • Kill A Watt® Edge shows you how efficient your appliances are and forecasts electrical expenses by day, month, and year.






Living Room




  • Kill A Watt® EZ shows you how efficient your appliances are, forecasting electrical expenses by day, month, and year.












  • Kill A Watt® Edge offers overcurrent protection to your electric water heater, and also shows you the quality of your house´s electricity.






Home Office







  • ACES reduces A/C cycling, lowering its energy running costs by 35% while maintaining comfort.






Pool Pump

  • iMEC makes sure the motor pump uses the amount of power it needs to do the job, cutting the waste and extending the life of the equipment.