Creating an Energy Saving Culture

business man writing increasing value against reducing cost graph - stock photoEvery day, more and more corporations are adopting energy saving policies, based primarily on two fundamental arguments: first, to reduce their operational costs by lowering their energy consumption, and second, to boost their corporate image. In other words, by implementing these initiatives, companies are determined to see more “green” in the environment as well as in their pockets.

However, in order to reach these goals, there is a series of steps the company has to take into consideration. Once they have designated a qualified group of professionals to work on this task, the next step would be to start a campaign for engaging the whole staff to actively participate in the implementation of this customized energy efficiency program. All of these can be achieved by offering training sessions, special seminars and other counseling tools.

Large Business Seminar With White Board - stock photo

Energy Care Technologies Corp. works with corporations to reduce their energy spending and engaging their entire organization in this fight against energy waste. 

We provide the tools to show every energy user the cost of the energy they use during their regular work tasks and team up with communication professionals to develop 

programs that allow them to visualize the benefits of cutting energy waste, engage all the employees and motivate them to achieve set targets for energy reduction.

When a company uses energy efficiently, it saves money, improves profitability and enhances competitiveness, while also demonstrating its commitment with the environment. This is what we call Smart Energy Saving.

If you would like more information about how we could help your organization to create an energy saving culture, please Contact us.