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The Kill A Watt® portfolio of products for use at home and at work, makes you aware of the cost of the electricity that your appliances and electronics consume. Because “You can’t control what you can’t see”, your utilities bill keep growing indefinitely. You can totally take control of the electricity you spend by monitoring the energy your household devices consume.

With Kill-A-Watt®, you can find out which devices you commonly use are consuming the most power,  allowing you to take action, like decide what appliances really need to stay turned on, plugged in, or get replaced. You may save hundreds and maybe thousands of dollars per year.



The BEST brand includes a group of products that, combined, can help you achieve your goals of controlling, reducing and eliminating energy waste. 

Any forward thinking company that wishes to take a responsible attitude toward energy consumption and the environment - and save a fortune in the process - can benefit from their unique, holistic approach to energy conservation.